Friday, January 22, 2010

The Husband Haters

Is all your love for being pregnant making you lose some for your man...i like to call these women husband haters. When you become overwhelmed with those hormones and your man seems to get on your "last nerve" no matter how sweet he may need to first calm down. Even though youre the pregnant one remember your man is under alot of pressure too. Know that and remind yourself of it constantly. Just because you love your pregnancy,or you dont love your pregnancy, does not mean you withdraw from his love account. He may make you angry and his cologne may even make you nauseous but love your man and make sure he knows you love him. When i say love your pregnancy, i just mean to look at your pregnancy in a different, brighter light. This light needs to shine on the people around you including the belly rubbers, the people who just dont know how to stop giving you advice on pregnancy no matter how much you dont want it, and of course the old man who got you your bump to begin with (your hubby, your spouse, your lover, your baby, your man, your pet monkey) whatever you want to call him.

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