Friday, January 22, 2010

Hands OFF!!!

Are you feeling a little cranky momma?.... Are you just about ready to shoot the next person who feels they just have to come up to you and feel on your precious belly bump? Before you catch a case calm down and sip on your flavored water(no alcohol during pregnancy please). When people touch your belly look at it as an appreciation. Alot of women cant have babies and have to go through alot to get pregnant and some people are just the touchy feely type...but before you break a hand...think about all the reasons why this person may want to touch your belly. They may want to feel close to the baby and to you. Being pregnant is a fascinating and wonderful thing and people like to embrace it whether it means rubbing your belly or holding your feet while youre in labor. And if you find yourself hating getting your belly rubbed even more after taking my advice when you see someone reaching out to touch it just move to the side and pretend youre dancing or you saw something that caught your attention. Whatever you need to do to keep yourself from delivering in a jail cell.

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