Friday, January 22, 2010

The Husband Haters

Is all your love for being pregnant making you lose some for your man...i like to call these women husband haters. When you become overwhelmed with those hormones and your man seems to get on your "last nerve" no matter how sweet he may need to first calm down. Even though youre the pregnant one remember your man is under alot of pressure too. Know that and remind yourself of it constantly. Just because you love your pregnancy,or you dont love your pregnancy, does not mean you withdraw from his love account. He may make you angry and his cologne may even make you nauseous but love your man and make sure he knows you love him. When i say love your pregnancy, i just mean to look at your pregnancy in a different, brighter light. This light needs to shine on the people around you including the belly rubbers, the people who just dont know how to stop giving you advice on pregnancy no matter how much you dont want it, and of course the old man who got you your bump to begin with (your hubby, your spouse, your lover, your baby, your man, your pet monkey) whatever you want to call him.

Belly Blocker

Is your belly becoming a bit of a burden. Dont look at it as a burden, look at it as a beautiful growing block that can sometimes get in the way but all for a wonderful cause in the end. From my experience i can say that it really took some time for me to get used to my growing bump. I "grew" out of all my clothes within the fourth month and it was really irritating. So i had to start looking at my bump as...the bigger it is the closer i am to it leaving. I just started wearing cute maternity clothes and when i took pictures embraced my belly instead of looking for poses to hide my "growth". When i started to love my belly and stopped looking at it as a blocker then i felt more comfortable and it didnt seem to bother me anymore...some days it didnt even feel like it was there. How can you not grow to love that belly? If you love it then i promise it will return the favor and love you back.

Pampering...Without the Poop

Its time to get pampered ladies and im not talking about Huggies. I mean manicure, pedicure, facial, massages, and mud baths. Even though you are preparing for a beautiful bundle of joy, sometimes you just need to take a small break for yourself. You dont even have to go to the spa really, just make sure you relax. Even if it is just sitting on the couch and letting your man give your swolen, tired feet a nice well deserved rub down. Being pregnant is hard work but when that last phase of labor is over, its something you can look back at and be proud of yourself for. So relax momma you long nine, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, month(s) ahead of you and nobody will get to relax after your bundle arrives. Now is the time to take and think of all the wonderful years of parenting you and your spouse have ahead of you. All the football games, ballet recitals, and choir concerts you will lose your voice for screaming out your babys name and letting everybody know,"Thats my baby!" Get your rest and pampering in now before the real pampering comes(the pampering that comes with pee squirting at you).

Hands OFF!!!

Are you feeling a little cranky momma?.... Are you just about ready to shoot the next person who feels they just have to come up to you and feel on your precious belly bump? Before you catch a case calm down and sip on your flavored water(no alcohol during pregnancy please). When people touch your belly look at it as an appreciation. Alot of women cant have babies and have to go through alot to get pregnant and some people are just the touchy feely type...but before you break a hand...think about all the reasons why this person may want to touch your belly. They may want to feel close to the baby and to you. Being pregnant is a fascinating and wonderful thing and people like to embrace it whether it means rubbing your belly or holding your feet while youre in labor. And if you find yourself hating getting your belly rubbed even more after taking my advice when you see someone reaching out to touch it just move to the side and pretend youre dancing or you saw something that caught your attention. Whatever you need to do to keep yourself from delivering in a jail cell.

Your Body Changes

Love your body ladies....Even though you feel bloated and fat and chubby love it and so will everyone else (especially your man). Your round figure will turn him on if you show him that you feel sexy and you know that you are. Go ahead and let your man know that you love making love to him even if youre a human blimp. And trust me you will benefit from it because of all the blood flow to your genital area your orgasms will become SCREAMING!!!! orgasms. And just because you put on a few pounds(mostly in the belly area) doesnt mean you cant wear some sexy lingerie for him...throw on that lacy thong....youll only be wearing it for a little while anyways once he sees you in it